Timeline of the Social Stigma of Tattoo

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Social Stigma of Tattoos, Tattoo History, Tattoo Meaning, Tattoo Pictures, Uncategorized
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1850 – 1900 :   Likened to carnival freak shows, people flocked to the circus to see the amazing tattooed Lady

1900 – 1950 :   An indication of a Sailor or Marine. Not so much a social stigma but indicative of enlisted men.

1950 – 1960 : Tattoos became more popular with the criminal element; out-law bikers, social outcasts & the mentally ill.

1960 – 1990 : The age of “Prison tats”.

1990 – Today: With the growing popularity of tattoos and the tatoo culture, the social stigma is almost gone, some people’s opinions can never be changed though.


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