Rose Tattoo- Meaning and Pictures

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Tattoo Meaning, Tattoo Pictures, Tattoo Placement
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The basic meaning of the rose tattoo is the same symbolic meaning as the lotus does in the east, love!

The rose tattoo has been around since the beginning of tattoo culture, it was often tattooed on sailors as a reminder of their wife or girlfriend who they’ve left at home.

To rose lovers, the rose is a symbol of beauty – inner and outer. 

A rose with thorns can be used as a reminder that love should be entered with caution because you may be “pricked” by the thorns

The color of a rose is also significant to its meaning:

* Red roses are known around the world for their symbolism of love.

* Yellow roses, in the past tend to mean jealousy, now a days it can symbolise a close and endearing friendship.

* Pink roses symbolise feminism and female passion.

* Purple roses send a message of enchantment that one should go in with precaution.

Of course, these are just basic ideas of the meaning of tattoos and meaning of the colours, like any tattoo, it’s what means to you and not anyone else!

Here’s just a couple of the rose tattoos we have done lately:

By Jimmy

By Jimmy

By Andy

By Andy

By Andy

By Andy

By Brett~O

By Brett~O

By Brett~O


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