This is really a matter of personal preference but here are some ideas that may possibly help you in making the decision……..

  • Pain Factor
    We get asked a lot, where does it hurt the most?
    There’s no right or wrong answer to this, but based on opinions we’ve heard over the years, here are some ideas:Most Painful Areas:
    Abdomen, Spine, Chest, Ribcage, Foot & AnkleLess Painful Areas:
    Buttocks, Arm, Back, Thigh, Shoulder
  • Your Career /Lifestyle
    While tattoos are much more accepted and main-stream then ever before in most professions, some employers and clients still aren’t as accepting as others.
    While employers can’t fire you because of your choice or placement of ink, before putting your tattoo in a visible area, some may want to consider how it may affect those around them.

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