There’s a growing trend of people getting tattooed overseas. Here are some reasons why this may be a bad idea:

  • Popular holiday destinations are often classified as “third world countries”, the industry isn’t as regulated overseas and the health standards are much lower than countries like Australia. Queensland also has higher standards than other states in Australia. 
  • There’s a higher risk of infection due to other overseas holiday destinations being more humid, so you will sweat a lot more, which will affect the healing of your tattoo.
  • Air-borne diseases.
  • Quality in the water, eg showering.
  • Also, with any tattoo. You can’t go in the sun or swimming. Who wants to go on a holiday and be confined to their hotel room?
  • Most tattoos will need touch-ups.  It’s difficult to get your tattoo touched up from where you originally got it, because more than likely, when you are ready for your touch up, you will be back home. Of course, you can go to a studio here to get your overseas tat touched up, but they will charge you a minimum fee of $80. We offer touch ups for free if we did the ink 🙂
  • Some areas of the body we don’t recommend getting tattooed, in fact, we don’t tattoo the wrinkly side (very bottom) of the foot OR underneath the foot. Overseas tattoo artists won’t care and will tattoo you anyway. Which is pointless and a waste of your money. But they don’t care.

In saying all of this, you will find a couple of good tattoo artists overseas. You just have to find a reputable studio that is clean and hygienic and look after your fresh ink properly.


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