TLC Premieres Tattoo School July 14

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Tattoo News, Uncategorized
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TLC will air “Tattoo School”. Award-winning Tattoo Artist Lisa Fasulo runs a hands-on and unconventional tattoo school in upstate NY where students from all walks of life learn how to tattoo in just two weeks. These rookie students are seeking to change their lives through tattooing. With just two intense weeks under Lisa’s instruction, they will get the experience tattooing on body after body with artwork of varying levels of difficulty.

Rookie students, models risking their skin to first time body artists, a rebellious instructor and unconventional training…who will bear the drama of competition and survive?

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Seriously… What the F**K is this crap ???
No one can learn how to tattoo in two weeks!!!
It takes hard work, long (unpaid) hours & pure dedication to become a REAL tattoo artist.. Not to mention a skill level that you are just born with… Not just “taught” over two weeks….  Imagine the shit work that will come out of this lot !
Instead of shows like this and Miami Ink/ LA Ink etc, how about something that focuses on how difficult and cut-throat it is to actually get an apprenticeship and all the shit your average apprentice has to deal with before they’re even legal to permanently tattoo on someone!!!
This is not just about “entertainment” and honestly, let’s put aside the pure artistic talent that is required to become a DECENT tattoo artist… You cannot learn all there is to know about blood borne pathogens, cross contamination, health & safety standards all in two weeks. You are putting lives at risk!!!! Not only of that of the “tattoo artist” but also the person getting their “tattoo”.
Seriously… Only in AMERICA !!!!!!!!

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